Brake Pro Freight

This 4 Pressure Automatic Single Freight Car Tester is the lightest, fastest, and most cost-effective Automatic Single Car Testing Device (ASCTD) in the world. AAR approved for S-4027, the device weighs less than 35 lbs. and drastically cuts time versus manual testing.

Automatic Testing is vastly superior to manual testing.  Why?

Automatic testing is faster. It can save up to 15 minutes per car versus manual testing.
Automatic testing is more accurate. An ASCTD takes operator judgment and error out of the testing process.
Automatic testing ensures a proper test. With a step-by-step walkthrough, all steps must be performed in order to proceed.
Automatic testing is more profitable.  AAR Job Code 1146 allows 12% higher billing on foreign cars if tested automatically.
Automatic testing results in less down time.  ASCTS's require only annual calibration, versus quarterly for manual devices.

The Brake Pro Freight is superior to any other product on the market.  Why?

Brake Pro Freight tests any length of car.  

  • It is the only device that will perform accurate tests on all cars, even those of extreme lengths.

Brake Pro Freight is the lightest and most portable device.  

  • At only 33lbs, it is 20+ lbs. lighter than competitors and does not require a cart or wheels for easy use.

Brake Pro Freight is fast

  • It is the fastest testing device available, utilizing the fast charge technology.

Brake Pro Freight is affordable

  • The Brake Pro Freight price tag is  a fraction of the price of competitive devices.

Brake Pro Freight is user friendly

  • With its Android operating system, and a wireless Toughpad interface the Brake Pro Freight is the most user friendly ASCTD on the market.  The possibility of user error is minimized.

Repairs and Calibrations are fast and easy

  • I S Technology Solutions maintains a service shop which can turnaround most repairs and calibrations within 48 hours.

Brake Pro Freight is durable

  • The device case is rugged, lightweight, and does not require crating for shipping.

Brake Pro Freight is convenient

  • It is the only device approved by AAR for use with 30ft brake hose, for ease of use with service trucks.

AND the Brake Pro Freight offers Options

  • Independent Cart with self retracting reels for mobility of the device together with the required hoses and accessories
  • Remote access for updates, upgrades and some repairs.
  • Internal Heater/Cooler for ideal and efficient use in extreme conditions.


​Testing Specification:          AAR S-4027

​Power:         120VAC or 12VDC 5.0A/h battery (last approx. 8 hours)

Weight:                                     Portable approx. 33 lbs.

Dimensions:                           19" x 15" x 11"

Operating Temperature:    -40F to 140F, optional internal heater/cooler available

Calibration:                           Annually, per AAR S-4027

Tablet Operating System: Android

Tablet IP Rating:                  IP65 (full dust protection and high pressure jet spray)

Warranty:                               One year limited warranty, parts and labor


Brake Pro Freight