• Pro Shoe: Brake Force Measuring Device

  • Wireless Android tablet allows operator to move around car during testing.
  • 8-Cell model cuts testing time to minutes by measuring all wheels in one application.
  • Program provides step-by-step instructions and calculates all necessary ratios.
  • Manual recording mode allows operator to capture any additional readings.
  • Continuous recording mode provides second-by-second data to track changing forces.
  • Includes Clevis Pin Load Cell and Brake Cylinder Pressure Transducer 
  • Device can be operated by 120VAC or the internal rechargeable battery.
  • Custom foam-lined case with rollers for portability.
  • ​Optional locomotive/passenger brackets available


​Testing Specification:          AAR S-401

​Power:                                       120VAC or 12VDC 5.0A/h battery (last approx. 8 hours)

Weight:                                     4 Cell approx. 55 lbs.

                                                          8 Cell approx. 75 lbs.

Dimensions:                           20.5" x 27.3" x 13.7"

Load Cell Range:                  Wheel Load Cells 15,000 lbs.

                                                         Clevis Pin/Hand Brake Load Cell 6,500 lbs. 

Operating Temperature:    0F to 100F

Calibration:                           Annually, per AAR S-401

Tablet Operating System: Android

Tablet IP Rating:                  IP65 (full dust protection and high pressure jet spray)

Warranty:                               One year limited warranty, parts and labor

Pro Shoe