Valve Master


Valve Master 

The Valve Master is the most comprehensive and user friendly brake test console on the market

​The Valve Master is programmed to test over 100 different brake valves, and the software can be customized to your specific valves.  The device performs all of the operations, evaluations and tests, thereby virtually eliminating any chance of user error or omission.

​The Valve Master is designed for higher volume brake shops to improve upon productivity over manual models.  The device can  be used on valves for all sorts of cars; freight cars, passenger cars, metro cars and locomotives.

​The device is completely modernized and designed to save your brake shop precious time, money and resources.  Running a Windows platform with touch screen directions and on site reporting, the Valve Master is user-friendly and intuitive.

With the Valve Master, you pick the test code, hit the Start buttons, then go on to do something else while the device runs the test. It's like adding another worker to your air room.


​​Power:                                      120VAC
Approx. 1800 lbs.
Dimensions:                           60" W x 72" H x 40" D
Operating Temperature:    40F to 110F
Calibration:                           Annually, per AAR standards
Operating System:            
 Windows 11
Warranty:                               One year limited warranty, parts and labor